The Thomas Lee Bachelor Party

Thomas enjoying the night

I’ve never been a Best Man. This realization came to me late one night at my dinner table. It was around midnight, long after a party I’d thrown was over and Thomas Lee and I we talking. Or, more to the point, Thomas was asking;

“Wayan, will you be my best man?”

This was an odd question for me. Both because I’d not been a best man before, but also because I’ve not been to that many weddings. Yes, I’ve been to mine, both of them. But I didn’t pay much attention to what Sean, my best man for both was doing.

Outside of those two moments of sheer terror joy, I’ve tended to avoid weddings. I stay so far away from them in real life that Amy stopped asking me to attend her friends’ weddings. I don’t even watch movies about weddings!

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Congratulations Jingmei!

Congratulations, Jingmei! Yes congrats. I know that sometimes strikes people as odd, that I would be happy for your wedding, but I am. Very happy. Why shouldn’t I be? It’s not like I dislike you, or even have any ill will.

We tried, we really did. We tried so damn hard, over so long, over such great distances – of space and culture. We tried and we did not succeed. We also didn’t fail.

Failure would be not learning, not accepting, not moving, on. I don’t see us as failure. I see us as life.

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