Super-Styling at Sky Bar

damn hot
Clock-stopping hot!

It’s a Friday night in the Paris of the Middle East, and the beauties of Beirut are out in force at the newest hipster hangout; Sky Bar.

Topping an oceanside building, the bar is an open-air rooftop patio of well dressed Middle Eastern jet-set players. Clock-stopping hot women stun the mind with tight skirts and high heels, perched delicately on bar stools, drink in hand. Hot hunks of man drape their gym-chiseled forms over bar tops, flexing as they hydrate.

And then there is my crew:

  • Ben, a tall Australian in need of a tan,
  • Megan, a quick & dry wit from Wales,
  • Ali, an easy-going Lebanese, and
  • Mohsen, a hip Beiruti.

While Ben and I celebrated the first Lebanese bartender who could make a vodka gimlet, Megan experimented with a series of color-themed drinks…

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