What Y’all Been Waiting For

It’s called the v3.0 upgrade

a beer always helps
Yep, working hard
You go Margo
And not alone
a 10k in 43 minutes
Brings Success
Way back in 1997, when I started this website, posting regular entries wasn’t called blogging. Back then, when we were hand-coding our HTML, it was called an online journal and mine, which is preserved here, was as rough as they got.

Over time, I learned a few design tricks and my HTML improved, but even with www.wayan.net it wasn’t pretty. Functional, yes, but not pretty. Soon enough, a few over-productive computer nerds started writing weblog software, and online posting went mainstream.

Nowadays, with everyone blogging, the software to run these personal expressions is robust and stable. And its time for me to stop the ancient hand-coding and leap into the 21st Century.

May I present to you my leap: http://www.bellybuttonwindow.com

Backed by Moveable Type (v2.661 for those who care) and with the amazing help of Ole Saalmann, I now have a fully functional and dynamic weblog for your entertainment. And I do mean functional. Check out some of the goodies below:

A fully dynamic left navigation bar!

Gone are the days when I had to change every page if I wandered to a new country. Now MT, as this software is called, will do it for me. And for you, this means that every tiem you visit specific page, or just a category, the links listed to the left relate to that country and time.

Your commentary!

Yep, now you can give your input, good, bad, or ugly, on my posts. Disagree with my on Mongolia? Saw me stumbling down Dupont? Helped yourself to hotpot? Don’t be shy, let me know!

Power Searching!

Backed by Google, you can now search my site for anything that might interest you, and if I wrote about it, you’ll find it. And I mean anything. Check out how many times I write “nuladna”.

Randomly chosen banner graphics!

Every time you refresh your screen, be it by going to a new page or just hitting refresh on your browser, there’s a new photo stretched across the banner for you to enjoy. So far I’ve only uploaded a dozen, but soon, I’ll have a few hundred. My favorite is the baboon walking across a street in Uganda.

Oh and I’m not stopping there. Coming soon will be an automated newsletter email inclusion, back-posts from pre-1997 travels, and a donation link so you can support this time-consuming endeavor.