A Whole Other Kind of Taxi Time

A cute, furry,a nd fun Taxi, that is

taxi time
Say hello, Taxi
taxi learning
Taxi, getting smart
“Taxi! Come here Taxi!” This is what I shout on a daily basis now. I’m calling a Taxi in the morning, during the day, and even late into the night. But it’s not the taxi your thinking of.

This is not a New York Taxi story, nor a taxi experience in Macedonia, Russia, or even Bangkok, and its much better than the San Juan Taxi Mafia. This is a story even better than Portland taxi driver perfection, this is a whole other kind of “taxi”.

I’m calling out “Taxi” to get the attention of a damn-cute 1-year-old Shepard mix that Amy and I adopted from the Washington Animal Rescue League last week. A Taxi that has quickly entered our home and our hearts with a crooked head and wagging tail, looking for adventure.

And an adventure she sure does bring. The morning features “Get the Ball” where hapless tennis balls are tossed and fetched before either being overthrown into another yard or ripped open and eaten mid-run. Mid-day is the walk around the neighbourhood where Taxi is still overwhelmed with sights, sounds, and reasons to bark.

The afternoons have her playing Tug-of-War, which she’ll not loose even if it means being dragged across slick hardwood floors till she can find a grip on carpet. The evenings are chill time, when she gets to snuggle with Mom, but not in our bed.

Sadly, there are frustrating times for her, mainly when Amy and I leave the house. After wrecking blinds and trashing doors, she’s on basement patrol when we prepare to leave, so she’ll not see us go and flip out with separation anxiety.

All three of us are learning how to get along, and if you have any tips or tricks, we’d love to hear them – in English or dog.