Poop Patrol in Pethworth

Taxi Dog and I are scooping others’ poop

grant circle
Grant Circle from space
petworth dog poop
Poop patrol results
Grant Circle is one of the reasons that I moved to Petworth. Its a beautiful park that calms me after a long day at work. That is until I walk Dog Taxi in Grant Circle and we both have to navigate the dog poop minefield.

It seems that some of my pet-owning neighbours are not so good about scooping their pet’s poop and frozen dog feces build up quick in the winter. Mad at yet another pile of poo, I decided to measure the laziness of my neighbours, and bagged and weighed the canine excrement:

Now how’d you like that? Thirteen (13) pounds of poop in Grant Circle. Petowrthians – scoop your poop!

Mid-March Update

My poop patrol video had an impact! After 300+ views by Petworth residents, I heard my video was mentioned at community meetings and in local government circles. The result: Scoop Your Poop signs in Grant Circle!
Now let’s see if they’re effective.