Congratulations Jingmei!

On your wedding, on your life, on your love.

one fine day
You go girl!
Congratulations, Jingmei! Yes congrats. I know that sometimes strikes people as odd, that I would be happy for your wedding, but I am. Very happy. Why shouldn’t I be? It’s not like I dislike you, or even have any ill will.

We tried, we really did. We tried so damn hard, over so long, over such great distances – of space and culture. We tried and we did not succeed. We also didn’t fail.

Failure would be not learning, not accepting, not moving, on. I don’t see us as failure. I see us as life.

Life that was, is richer with you in it. With the memories of the good times, of the fun times, of the bad times too. Of happy cake fights, of lost computer keys, of long lines in Embassies, of every moment we had together and apart.

With the head-spinning commitment, the gut wrenching separation, we were never bored. We were all passion, and passion is positive.

So is your new passion. Congratulations Jingmei. Congratulations Robert. May you be happy, overjoyed, find the future together Jingmei and I could not. And again, I say this with love, with joy, with tears in my eye.