I am on 60 Minutes this Sunday!

It’s official: I am a One Laptop Per Child expert!

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wayan on tv
Look ma: I’m on TV!
Are you in the USA? Do you have access to the American infotainment juggernaut? Then turn your attention to the CBS News program “60 Minutes” this Sunday, May 20th at 7pm.

Famed reporter Lesley Stahl will be covering MIT Professor Nicholas Negroponte’s progress with One Laptop Per Child, his dream of one-to-one computing as an educational boost, a way for children in the developing world to “learn learning”. Ms. Stahl will have on-location reports from OLPC testing in Brazil. With 13 million viewers on average, the coverage of OLPC should be a major boost in profile for the project.

Lesley Stahl will also be interviewing an obsessive follower of OLPC XO advances, a technology in development expert who publishes the informative and influential OLPC News: Wayan Vota.

Yes, I’m on 60 Minutes this Sunday!

In what may be a great case study on how blogging now influences major media outlets and confirmation that I am in the blogging big leagues, 60 Minutes will be focusing on the other website I publish: OLPC News.

I am told my site and I will be an integral part of the One Laptop Per Child segment of the CBS News program, including video of an interview I had with Lesley Stahl in New York City. There should be a distinct focus on OLPC News as the medium by which those interested in the “$100 laptop” can go for independent news, information, and commentary.

Luckily, if I make a fool of myself, I am headed to Nairobi on Tuesday for two weeks, and I’ll be able to hide out until the mobs dissipate. If I come off the expert, I might just become a blogging consultant. I create enough content to be one already!