“Beertown” not “Beantown”

First I started with hard core hotel porn. What is “hotel porn”, you ask? Just check out the Hotel Marlowe website or better yet, peruse the “Hotel Marlowe” Flickr tag. Hot, eh?

From the funky rooms to the great service, and of course, the leopard-print robes, Hotel Marlowe is swank-city. Swankiness that includes sex-music CD’s!

Not one to let such opportunity pass me by, I head out, wandering around Harvard Square area, alone and sober. Looking to fix both predicaments quickly, I took an alley option and found myself on Winthrop Street.

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Navigating Boston’s MBTA “T”

Dear Boston Tourist:

If you believe that your journey from Logan International Airport into Beantown via the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, or “T” as it is known locally, will be easy and quick, I am here to disappoint.

First off, that MBTA T Map you are looking at is deceiving you. Your exit from Logan will not be on a clan and modern subway train. I know, that line around the airport may seem to be signifying a train, but its really a bus. A bus you’ll need exact change for.

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