A Lake Como Water Taxi Lifestyle

Don’t miss the taxi boat!

Would you ever think there could be a “water taxi lifestyle”? After a long weekend on Lake Como, taking the water taxi daily, and twice on Sunday, I declare there is such a lifestyle, and its high living at that.

Dressed in a tux, my hot pregnant wife at my side, I step onto the gangplank of a Lake Como water taxi with a spring in my step. The boatmen, strapping young Italians, politely gesture to a fine wooden seat, where Amy and I retire to enjoy our ride.

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Abuja from the Ogun State House

The pyramids of Abuja, Nigeria

When you are a foreigner visiting Nigeria, sometimes you have opportunities afforded to you that are special. Like say a wandering across the top of the Ogun State House in Abuja, Nigeria.

When you find yourself on the top of a building in a nation’s capitol, there is only one thing to do. Make a video! But not just any video, a pure tourist video for those that you love who cannot share in the amazing experience that worldwide travel affords you.

So when I found myself in that situation, on the top floor of the Ogun State House in Abuja, I made my smoking hot pregnant wife an overview of Abuja:

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