Going to the Largest Barak Obama Party: Kenya!

We are all celebrating Barack Hussein Obama II

Obama: America’s Pride
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Obama: Kenya’s Pride
Last night in a Seattle airport bar, I learned we would have the son of an immigrant as our next president. I have never slept better on a redeye flight. While I dozed in happiness on the way home to DC, joy and relief passed through the hearts of the world.

We just proved the American Dream is alive – anyone can be President.

And even though I missed the epic Election Day parties here in DC, I’m headed to the biggest Barak Obama party ever – Kenya.

The country is in a fit of ecstatic delight. The son of a Kenyan, President of America. I am crying as I type this, overwhelmed with pride in my country. I cannot even imagine what a beacon of hope Obama brings to Kenya.

I do know that tomorrow, Thursday, was already declared a national holiday and I bet that by the time I arrive on Sunday, the country will still be in the midst of the party. A party similar to the first time I went to Kenya.

In January 2003, Kenya had just elected Mwai Kibaki after decades of Daniel arap Moi, and the country could not contain its joy. Then too change was the order of the day. Bribes, lawlessness, and governmental dysfunction we all out. A new wave of social change and business growth followed, creating an East African powerhouse that led the continent.

Then, in January of this year, that miracle became a nightmare with ethnic bloodshed after the disputed Kibaki/Odinga elections. With racial tensions still raw in Kenya, America offers yet another American Dream.

An election, fought hard, yet won and lost with honor, leading to a peaceful governmental transition. This whole other American Dream is just as powerful as the dream that any child can be President. This dream makes me cry yet again.

No matter our party or our vote, we are all red, white, and blue the day after – Americans true and through.

Thank you America.