Portland Brewpub Beer Tours

Looks like beer-topia!

Beer – is there a better reason to visit Portland? For Amy and I, that was reason enough to celebrate her birthday in Portland, Oregon. She had never been, but heard all my stories of good times in the land of hops. My tales of beer-topia, where every bar is a brewpub and bathrooms are denoted by sign of barley or hops – guess which is which!

To help us navigate such tricky beer house rules, we enlisted my good friend Dieselboi, of VBC Brewpub Tour fame. Accompanied by his loving and patient wife, the four of us went beer tasting.

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VBC Brewpub Tour – Dockside Brewing

no good
Skip Dockside Brewing

I don’t know what we could have expected from a brewpub located in a hotel restaurant. The scene wasn’t promising when we walked in and felt a serious tourist vibe. Still, Brett and I were on a Vancouver Brewpub Tour and so we were determined to drink at the Dockside Brewing restaurant.

Again, we got a taster of beers, this time six or eight unremarkable and tasteless beers. Wait, there was a taste to the pilsner – it was foul! Now it could’ve been just a bad line or the actual taste of the beer, but neither Brett nor I could finish the schooner.

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