Have You Flown Yet?

rdu flying

I flew on my first flight before I was born. My mom was so pregnant with me that she could not fasten her seat belt for takeoff from Australia on our flight to Bali, Indonesia. I’ve not stopped flying since. Well, until a global pandemic. I went from flying over 100,000 miles per year, for […]

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Firearm Check-in at JNB Johannesburg Airport

Firearms Check-in Signage

Of all the signs I’ve seen in the many airports worldwide, the bright yellow “Firearms Check-In” was the most unexpected. And yet, there it was, shining bright at Johannesburg International Airport.

Now I understand why gun-toting citizenry should check their weapons. We don’t need arguments over seat assignments escalating into inter-cabin shootouts, but it surprises me that there’s a need for firearm check-in to begin with.

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Landing at Lagos Nigeria International Airport LOS

The view from the wing

What does it look like to land at Lagos, Nigeria’s Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS)? For those who wonder, I made the following movie while my flight approached and landed just for your enjoyment.

I’m always amazed at the view – those endless shanties that spread out into the horizon. That all that humanity can live so close together. Its not the vertical living of Hong Kong, but Nigeria doesn’t have Asia’s organization either. All those people you see while approaching Lagos International are scrounging for a living in the midst of African chaos.

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