Spring Flowers Make June Leavers

The smart ones leave before June 30

They left so fast they forgot their shoes!
They left so fast they forgot their
The other night I went to dinner to celebrate a special
occasion for a friend. She was getting married, turning 30, and leaving
Russia. The first two, most of us do, but the last one seems to be a
group project this June.

In Price Waterhouse, over 35 expats are leaving in June. I am
constantly shocked by this figure, mainly because I have to coordinate
all those leaving forms, final payroll, and staff account balances. Now
don’t start thinking bad things about PW, its Russian tax legislation
really. The tax law says that you are exempt from Russian tax if you are
here less than 182 days in a year. Since July 1 is about 182 days,
everyone heads for the exit June 30th, to get out from under the 35%
(yes, 35%!) tax burden.

This year the exodus is a bit larger than usual, since two years ago
PW Moscow had a hiring drive. Two year contracts end, and people leave
Moscow to return to bigger and better PW jobs in their respective
homelands or, in rare and unfortunate cases, they leave PW.

I’m kinda sad with all these people leaving. I made a bunch of
friends at PW, who all seem to be leaving me. How unfair! They should
realize how special I am and stay just for me!