Somebody’s Watching Me

2002 > America

Now that I’m famous, I always feel that somebody’s watchin’ me

I am watching you
The Price of Fame
flights of fancy
I Search From the Sky
Recently I switched my website hosts from Pacbell to, and in the process, took a detailed look at my referral log. A referral log is a list of all the links people used to find my website. I checked out my log for June & July of this year, and whaddya know, like the Rockwell song, somebody’s watching me!

As you might imagine, most people stumble on my site after going through a Google, AOL, or MSN search of the web for Russia, China, or the like, but check out what these odd surfers used to find my site:

InterestingStrangeWhat the… ?!
animation rave dancers
ballerina shoes
caesar cut
sandcastle cake mold
ping pong
bad ass mama
barvikha construction
pictogram Champagne
Japan capsule hotel
what is wrong with Washington
hairy men wearing g-strings
hot oiled muscles
naked bungee jumping
soapy bondage
decent porno shirt

Of course, they could always find me in the Yahoo or Google directory, or one of the many portals on Malaysia,
, or
Russia, or in
Danish, or

Once they find my site, a number of folks find it so interesting that they pay me the best compliment, they link to my site, and we’re not just talking about fellow travelers like
Phil Harperin,
Brett Morrison,
Terry Mucha, or
Uncle Pasha either. I’m so cool & informative, I have people like the Official Mongolian Tourism Board,
university classes,
feminism researchers, and even
Stanford Law School all pointing towards the Belly Button Window.

Then there are the odd folks again, the ones who found my site by searching for
“how to pee outdoors”, who link to my site in discussions about
underground tunnels,
haircuts, and
who knows why! At least I provide a topic for
inspiration, and occasional
refection enough to be a site of the day for others like
Lonely Planet and, strangely, the
International Atomic Energy Agency.

Oh, and can you guess who sent me the most visitors in June, over 800 and counting? A
personal ad by the one and only
Dave, featuring a
photo I took of him in Beijing!