Navigating Nigeria at Night

2008 > Nigeria

Between darkness and light an amazing connection happens

can you do that?
Sights in a Nigerian night
I am walking down this dark lane in Lagos, happy. It’s the end of a long day of work meeting many different IT people here in Nigeria, the “Giant of Africa” and I am feeling good.

Maybe it’s the excitement of being back in Africa, her sounds, sights, and smells fresh in my mind. Maybe it’s the feeling of progress in meeting our local partners and doing work I love. Or maybe its just the beer.

No matter, I am excited this night, and so I perform a small miracle. I call my pregnant wife half a world away on my cell phone. We do it so often now, we forget what a wonder it is. To hear her voice so easily, so clearly, as data packets zip through time at the speed of light.

She is rubbing her belly, we are talking of Ziggy, and I am happy, walking down this dark lane in Lagos.

May you be happy today too, no matter where you or your loved ones are.