My Summer of Semi-Slacking

2003 > America

I love me that government cheeze!

stop pecking at bugs!
He’s helping me look
drained of my color
cuz so po’ I’m monochrome
the stars are bright at night
and this be my home
Now just because I spent the last three months in Africa, don’t go thinking I’m gonna rush back into the job market just yet. No, this is shaping up to be a wonderful summer of slacking.

Well, semi-slacking, for while I may front like I am just chillin in the park with a beer, I am really trying to do something with my life. I am trying to get a job that I feel so passionate about, that I enjoy so much, and that pays me enough, that I can stick with it for more than the usual two years I’ve been able to stand with one employer so far.

In doing so, right now I’m taking a long hard look at my interests and desires, trying to find out what can really motivate me in the morning, every morning, and what that issue, idea, or situation would be.

Then I’ll be looking around DC for a nonprofit, NGO, or the like, that has the same issue, idea, and situation that I desire. Then I’m gonna beg, plead, and even, (the horror!) volunteer, until I can get a good job there.

Until then, I’ll seemingly be slacking, working on my tan, my physique, and just for you, a reworked Belly Button Window (see the prototype here)

Thankfully, I still have four months of unemployment insurance to pay most of my bills, though I’m hitting the savings pretty hard to get by. Of course you could always help, with a small donation to the Advancement of Wayan Vota Fund, where we accept bags of cash, blank checks, and thanks to modern technology, even PayPal donations!

Just think, you’ll be helping to add to the vibrancy and depth of the Belly Button Window Website though your donation, and you can be sure that I’ll toast to you on every round that your gift supports. Hell, if you pony up $100+, I’ll even devote an entire page to rhapsodizing about your benevolence!

Short of that, you could always send love and understanding, as today’s job market isn’t very kind to the wayward ex-employee, though don’t get too choked up, for while its not pretty being broke, I’m sure gonna enjoy my summer of semi-slacking!