My Folks in Massive Moscow

1998 > Russia

My world-traveled parents visited me in Massive Moscow

The best parents I could ever ask for!

Ma & Pa in Moscow

Yep, it sure is a massive moscow

See the light yet?
This past week, my parents were here to see the wonders
that I keep writing about, and to visit me. They spent the week doing
the usual tourist thing, along with my twisted ideas of Moscow Fun,
before heading to St Peterburg and the Balitcs. Here is my mom’s report:

Impressions of Moscow

By Sarah Jane Vota

Massive Moscow describes my impression of Moscow because everything
is massive. Large buildings, large wide avenues, large statues, and a
really large city. There are lots of building construction going on all
over the city and restoration of the old buildings on the inside and

The people are very European in that they are reserved, and quiet on
the streets and on the Metro, but happily laughing on the weekends at
the parks in the sunshine. Every Russian that we asked for help in
finding our way around the city and on the Metro answered our questions
politely and even pointed out the way to us. Russian are tall and
slender people that are usually handsome or attractive and do look more
like northern Europeans. The young women are quite pretty and all wear
high platform shoes while going up and down the endless stairs in and
out of the Metro. No wonder the Russians are looking physically
fit, they walk everywhere and the sidewalks are uneven and there are
steps to all the different levels of the street. The Russian young men
are good looking similar to the Danes that we remember from living in

Our visits to the Kremlin, the Red Square, the Arbat Street, were
opportunities to see the historical sights and to mix with the Russians
touring their own country’s capitol city. At Gorky Park, we enjoyed the
fun that the Russians enjoyed in the amusement park on a sunny Saturday
with their friends and family. What a wonderful week in Moscow.

Ann, Wayan’s housemate was so gracious and hospitable. Spaseba, Ann.

Wayan was the perfect host and took us to Russian restaurants, the
Ismayalova market, Gorky Park, a nighttime walk in the Red Square, and
helped us with our Metro plans to get around the city. He also prepared
delicious Russian meals at his apartment and made us feel so welcome.
Thanks to Wayan, we had a fantastic visit in Moscow.