Meet me in Nairobi, Abuja, or Accra

Community of Practice

I’m headed to Africa soon for three weeks of meetings and trainings in Nairobi, Abuja, and Accra for Inveneo. I’ll be in each city about a week, and would love to meet up with those in the technology and development fields. Of special interest would be those who are involved with OLPC, 4P Computing, and the health and education aspects of ICT deployment.

going to Africa
How I roll in Africa

See, while I am a fanatic proponent of web-based discourse – I’m publishing at least six different blogs right now – I’m convinced that online discourse is an amplification of offline, in-person meetings.
In fact, I believe that online conversations are not possible without some level of face-to-face discussions between participants. Or as a friend once said “meatspace has the highest bit rate”
I’ll be traveling through meatspace in accordance with this general itinerary:

  • Nairobi the week of July 27th
  • Abuja the week of August 3
  • Accra the week of August 10

If you’re in any of those cities when I am there, or know someone I should meet, then please let me know via: