Kigali Bottle Cap Golf

2008 > Rwanda

The game of Rwandan cool kids

bottle golf
Sam sets up for a shot
After a long day getting the tools of ICT into the hands of those that need them in Rwanda, its time to unwind with a classic local game: Bottle Cap Golf.

Invented by Solar Sam, this game requires more skill and concentration than any simple 18-hole golf course. In fact, its rivals Moto Polo in complexity and difficulty, and is best played under very strict conditions.

First, be on Solar Sam’s front porch, and with the company of great friends. Then add an evening of beers to make the mood right and supply the key game piece – the bottle cap. Then place them on Sam’s porch, pick up the play stick, and try to do what Sam does in this video:

Yes, note that the game looks easier than it is, and the goal, the road out past the lawn and its wall, is father than you think. Play at your own risk. I tried myself, to great failure. Not that I’m any good at golf, but still.

Don’t underestimate the fun of Kigali Bottle Cap Golf.