Flat Elise Snuck into South Africa’s Parliament!

2010 > South Africa

Flat Elise out front of Parliament
Look where I am!
“Quick, buy stamps!” That’s what Flat Elise told me as we were in line for a tour of South Africa’s Parliament building. As we turned left to grab stamps at the cute little post office in Parliament, the tour went right and disappeared down the hallway.

By the time we had our stamps, the tour was nowhere in sight. It was just Flat Elise and I, let loose in the legislative capital of the Republic. So we went exploring.

I’ve been to the US Capital Building before – it’s a surprisingly easy place to visit if you skip the annoying tour. In fact, you can walk right it – no need for a reason, as these are your elected representatives, right? You should be able to visit them at your leisure. Still, you have to go through a security check, as you do in South Africa.

Once Flat Elise and I had passed security, we were able to wander along at our leisure, and so we did. We went around the old building and then into the new. We also happened to come across the Parliament chambers, and we couldn’t resist a peek in. When no one stopped us, it was time for the photo shoot!

After that, we tired of Parliament – it’s just a big office building, really. So we headed out to see more of Cape Town.

But Flat Elise’s adventures didn’t stop there. Two weeks before, Flat Elise was watching Hindi TV in India, hanging with OLE Nepal, and then flew to Mt. Everest. And soon she was be riding Amtrak across the Northeast.

Flat Elise, like her cousin Flat Stanley, really gets around!