Dyke Day at RFK

2003 > America

More lesbians than Takoma Park

love that girlie action
Now you understand…

can you do that?
…why I watch too.

I’m here watching the 2003 FIFA Women’s World Cup at RFK stadium in Washington DC and Team America is kicking butt. They lead Sweden 3 to 1 and there isn’t much time left.

The crowd is on its feet cheering them on, and that’s when it first hits me. While I expected a plethora of young girls here, as soccer is quite popular in the DC suburbs, I didn’t expect so many adult women.

And I’m not talking about those young girls’ Moms either; I’m talking about couples, as in two women together as a couple. Yep, this is Dyke Day at RFK.

For me, this is an interesting scene and not for the reasons you may be thinking. I live in DC’s Dupont Circle neighborhood that is very gay, as in I am the token straight guy on my block gay, so I’m not surprised to see same-sex couples.

What I am surprised to see is so many female same sex couples. In my hood it’s all gay men walking around holding hands, but very few lesbian couples. Here at RFK it’s just the opposite. In fact I don’t think there is a single gay male couple in the crowd.

No it’s about 60% kids and families and 40% lesbians. Shocking but true. Actually I am so shocked that I called my friends and found that this same female concentration happens at other events too. Apparently WBA (Women’s Basketball Association) games are just as popular with the gay ladies as are the smaller women’s football and hockey league games.

Interesting eh?