Dos Vedanya

Even though I travel all the time, I ain’t good at saying goodbye

Mr Bird sacrificing one of the workers at his leaving party
Kill him, Mr. Bird!
Last weekend, I went to a going-away party for a friend of
mine. I’m never sure how to act at these kinds of parties; should I be
sad she is leaving, or happy for her new adventure? I always feel so
bittersweet when its time for me to toast. I want to salute our
friendship, yet spank her for leaving me. When I left DC, my
ex-girlfriend said she felt like I was abandoning her. At the time, I
was confused as to what she meant, but now I understand.

I might be a bit of a vagabond (three cities in seven years), and I
am used to people coming and going in my life, but Russia seems to be
even more transient than University life or DC. Maybe this year is
abnormal, with a big hiring drive two years ago creating a mass PW
exodus now that their contracts are over. Maybe,
after surviving a winter, or two, people are tired of Russian weather
and want to go somewhere warm. Maybe the current state of the Russian
economy is not stable or as rosy as they would like. Whatever the
reason, I seem to be saying goodbye a little too often!

In December, I said goodbye to many of the Peace Corps friends I had
developed over the previous six months, not because they were leaving
the country, but we were definitely gonna be in different Russian
orbits. Nuttin much happened until the spring, when love filled the air
and tore at my heart. I had to say goodbye to good friends, one after

The summer doldrums are here, with hot air and short nights. I am
trying to make new friends. Friends that will hopefully stay through the
winter, while I wonder what the old friends are doing now.