DC is United for DC United

2003 > America

We all scream ‘goal!’ whenever we can

yeah, it was cold!
Learning my cheers
freaks, I tell ya!
Now that’s dedication
Surprisingly for an American man, I am not interesting in sports. I have no clue who is winning the basketball championships and I couldn’t name the last Superbowl winners if my life depended on it. When it comes to baseball or golf, I’m even willing to put watching them into the torture category.

Now when it comes to soccer or hockey, it’s a different story. While I don’t watch them on TV, I never pass up a chance to see a game live. These sports call to me, for unlike say basketball, where the score is 117 to 125, each goal actually matters and therefore the tension is so much higher during the entire game.

Luckily for me, there is a men’s hockey and both men’s and women’s soccer teams here in DC, and this past weekend, I went to a soccer doubleheader with the Washington Freedom and DC United playing at RFK stadium.

It was my first outdoor sporting event in DC but the third time I’ve been to RFK, with the other two times being Grateful Dead shows back in the day. And just to make the day special, Mother Nature made it rainy and cold, like winter parka cold.

That didn’t stop me or my friend Rebecca, for while I was just happy to there, Rebecca is a die-hard DC United fan. Well, more than just DC United, for she was able to talk stats and scores with my friend Matt who is a die-hard Lakers fan when he called from LA.

But we were there for soccer and Rebecca did not disappoint, leading me through the cheers, yelling ourselves warm in English and Spanish for both teams. Not that it helped much as Freedom lost 2-5 and DC United tied 1-1.

Nuladna, we still had a great time being united for DC United.