At Least The Music Is Cheap

1999 > China

Everybody wants to steel you a CD!

Chinese music is so bad, we gotta make our own
Better than Tori Amos!

VCD! VCD! CD! VCD! Look, look, I have CD!

This is what ya’ll hear if you look Western, as I do, and you walk
anywhere in Beijing. Unlike Moscow, where they have a specific pirate CD
market, it is
illegal, or so they say, to buy and sell pirate CD’s in China. This is
complete crap in reality, but it makes for an odd scene when you’re at the
Silk Market.

No, it doesn’t really sell silk anymore; just oodles of pirate North
Face coats and Timberland shoes swiped from the factory, but the market it
full of CD hawkers. Today, while getting a few pages added to my visa a
the US Embassy, conveniently located right in the middle of the market, I
decided to take a look at their selection.

Usually I just shove past ’em, or try and pre-empt their sales pitch
with a forceful ‘Neyt,’ but today I wanted some tunes to work
out with later. Chinese TV has one MTV-ish station that figures Tori Amos
is fast enough for one billion people to jam to. Me, I go faster than
that, so I found myself following this lady down a few back alleys into a
small enclosed area perfect for a mugging, rape, or murder in DC. Back
there, she opened a small desk to reveal a sports bag full of CDs in small
plastic bags. I quickly passed the Tori Amos, Cher, Abba, and Pink Floyd
recordings, only finding Madonna’s Ray of Ling and one disco compilation
suitable for my listening pleasure.

While I was looking, a line of other CD sellers formed behind the first
lady, all with thick sports bags hanging from their shoulders. I flipped
through a few more selections before I became numb to Spice Girls, Seal,
and Beatles CDs, with my eyes glazing and my hands hurting from glancing
at all those covers.

At 10 RMB, or about $1.20, I can’t complain about the price, but the
selection was pretty poor. I miss the Russian/Bulgarian connection and
their acreage of CD kiosks. No, I just miss Moscow in general!