Al Gore Spring: Sunny Days in January

2007 > Macedonia

The good global warming attribute

Skopje People
Warm days in January
black smoke is bad
We ♥ Al Gore Spring
I am here a T-club, a too-hip outdoor café on Macedonia Boulevard, the see and be seen walking street in Skopje, and they should change the café’s name to T-shirt for it’s that warm today.

Do not tell me this is January, or that I should be shivering in wool and leather. Global warming is here and the Europeans, with their quick wit, are already calling warm winter days an “Al Gore Spring” after his movie.

And I am sure enjoying this Al Gore Spring in January. I am well into an afternoon of people-watching with a cold Skopsko beer near at hand. And that’s after going for a very long cross-town run in only a t-shirt and shorts earlier in the day.

On this warm winter weekend day, the populace of Skopje is like any other in Europe. They are dressed fancy as they wander the street, looking hot in Euro-fashion.

Men wearing jeans way too tight, women wearing fashion both retro and post-modern, usually at the same time. Kids, oblivious to it all just being kids.

In the midst of all this, a crazy American typing on his laptop, smiling as the winter sun warms his skin.