A Few Observations About Ice

2003 > America

Ice is not always in drinks

look Ma!  no hands!
Nice backdrop, eh?

A few observations about ice:

– it can be very hard
– it can be very dry
– it can be very smooth
– it can be very rough
– it can be very hard

I note these observations as I skid on my ass across the ice rink on the National Mall. All the way across the ice rink after thinking I could ice skate at speed, when my cumulative experience ice-skating is about four hours, spread over six years, all on this postage-stamp sized rink.

It’s a beautiful Tuesday night in Washington DC, perfect for my annual pilgrimage to pain. My feet hurt in these boots. My as hurts from falling, and my egos bruised beyond all recognition, yet I love this.

I love swirling around this tiny man-made lake, with groups, couples, and the lone Olympian in her own world. We are all here and we are all enjoying this up-close observation of ice. Even those of us who are getting real personal with it.