A Carnegies Kinda Night

2006 > Taiwan

Booze and broads in Taiwan’s capitol

Carnegies dancers
Who are you two?
I can barely hear him over the din of the crowd and thump of the music. “TB” as we’ll call him, is telling me to wait, that he wants to chat up this girl a little longer before heading to the next bar.

I don’t think he’s gonna make it, as he’s starting to slow. The clock may say its 2am, and TB might be feeling the numerous vodka + red bulls, my body says its 2pm and I’m ready for more vodka gimlets!

Also, TB likes it here, at Carnegies Bar, and doesn’t want to leave. I can understand. There are drunken women dancing on the bar top, he knows all the staff, and once I tell the bartender I’m drinking on TB’s tab, the drinks get stronger, and service is quicker.

Still Carnegies Taipei is no Hungry Duck or Mad House. The girls might be drunk, but they are still Asian and therefore relatively shy and demure. As the guy never thought to be either, I was bored with the crowd and waved to TB as I headed out.

I wandered down the street to Waterfall, a gay bar I heard about, and snuck in just before they closed the door to new entrants. There I met folks more predisposed to party and the night was back on!

Somehow I wound up at a second gay bar, name unknown, in the middle of an office building. There it was a birthday party, with Seabreeze the required drink. My memory gets hazy after that, with my best memory the cab ride home. Why? Because it was daylight.

Oh, am I gonna be hung-over tomorrow!

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