The Next Travel Generation

2006 > Nicaragua

And Nicole is leading the way

Clueless college kid
OJ for the road
Seasoned traveler
Alright Nicole, its time for you to get your feet wet. Its time for you to cross the border from Costa Rica to Nicraguaga, from your easy, protected travel, into the amazing, challeneing, solo world travling experience. Time for you to learn the very first and very needed skill – Taxi Mafia negotiation.

At every border, airport, and train station they will be there, waiting. They are the fastest and sometimes only, transport option for you, and its time to make aquaitenance with their sly ways.

I gave you direction, I gave you confidence, its now time for you to make your move. And make it you do, in three minutes flat no less. Congratualtions, you’ve just grown a year in a day. No longer are you that clueless college student I met in Tamagringo, now you’re on your way to becoming a real traveler.

Next up, its time to introduce you to Granada where you’re going to wander out into the city without me to guide you back to the hostel. You’ll have to find your own way, your own strength. Then, after a few days, its time for you to go solo, real solo, and see Island Ometepe without me. And the greatest challenege? Making your way back to San Jose on Saturday, and it better be in time to return my camera to me.

Yes, in a momentary lapse of memory skill, I forgot my camera in your bag on Thursday. An oversight that cost me great photographs of the Peñas Blancas border crossing that I will forever morn. An oversight I hope you learn from. I hope you absorbed all I tried to teach you in the three short days we traveled together, the skills, the knowledge, the fun of international travel.

You can do it girl, I know you can!