I see Lenin! Soviet Socialist Iconography in Nepal’s Maoist Protests Posters

Socialism, with Nepali characteristics

First, the upper half of the poster is framed by imagery of missing Maoist members, reinforcing the message of sacrifice and martyrdom for a greater cause. Flags showing different manual labour tools frame the lower half. I am not sure if these represent different unions, but they’re a direct copy of Soviet posters that use the flags of all the Soviet states.

Upper half poster imagery

Next the upper portion of the poster contains a Soviet and a socialism reference. In the upper left, the hammer and star flag over the world is a direct descendant of earlier USSR flags over the world produce by the Soviet Union.

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Kathmandu Traffic Jam Taxicab Driving

My preferred conveyance

Nepalese learn how to drive on small country roads that have no defined lanes, shoulders, or rules. And when they get to Kathmandu’s mix of narrow side roads and few four-lane boulevards, they continue their lawless driving with great flair.

Here’s a video of my taxi ride from Patan to Kathmandu, through one of the many epic Maoist-inspired traffic snarls:

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