Snowpocolypse 2010: A Taxi Dog Delight

2010 > America

Snow Dog Taxi
What happens when you mix 30+ inches of snow and one Taxi Dog? You get happiness that can only be expressed with a yelp of delight. That’s how “Snow Dog” Taxi greeted the great Snowpocolypse 2010 in Washington DC.

First out the door as the snowflakes started, Snow Dog Taxi is in love with the white fluffy stuff from above. She knows it means extended exploration of the neighbourhood as her owner shovels the sidewalk. She can also cross streets without care, as cars are rare, and when present, slowing to a crawl to keep control.

And she loves to chase snowballs – her most favorite Snowpococlypse pastime, even if she has problems finding them:

But snow also makes Taxi Dog do odd things. Because the snow covers up all scents, Taxi Dog is scent-blind. And like humans push into a dark room, she looses her bearings easily in the snow. She can’t figure out where to pee at first, and then just does her business anywhere.

She also forgets where her natural boundaries are, and wanders far and wide as if the whole of Petworth is now her yard. Yet the snow itself does not stop her. She’ll tackle any snowdrift, even ones so deep, she’s swimming through them.

And lucky for her, this Snowpocolypse seems never-ending!