It’s Official: I’m Single Again

2003 > America

A good day to divorce

he's happy for me too
Cheers to Divorce Court!

The Reverends were first. Her, the bossy one, place checking with the judge’s assistant just to show how DC she could be, and him, slouched with the look of amused indifference as the Divorce Court judge called the room to order.

While the judge was now declaring them now the ex-Reverends, she opted for a soliloquy finish. Stepping up to the microphone, she proceeded to tell the Court, and the world that their marriage was never consummated ‘correctly,’ there was mental, physical, and spiritual abuse, and while she kicked him pout first, her wouldn’t agree to her ‘reasonable terms’ to return.

Then it was time for the couple that was separated for the last sixteen (16!) years to get a divorce. When the judge asked them why it took so long, the wife laughed and said ‘he’s lazy,’ garnering a shrug of agreement from the husband.

Then it was my turn.

Yep, I wasn’t here just to watch. I was here on this fateful day to end what Jingmei and I started so long ago. Five minutes and a handful of ‘yes, sir’ and ‘no, sir’ responses and we were free again. Free to look for, find, fall for, and hopefully marry the right one for us.

So with a toast to the future with champagne from our wedding, then a mad dashing of fine engraved crystal, I entered this brave new world with a smile and a hope.