Happy Times in HTML Hell

The joys of coding HTML in the wilds of Russia

So calm, so clean

When we were innocent

the horror! the horror!

What a little coding will do
The Setup:

Over the past two years, I’ve changed my website design twice to accommodate
the site’s continuing content growth and my continuing html education. I
have the feeling it is time for me to redo my design again, this time to
incorporate two new aspects. First, since I am heading to China and beyond
soon, I want to focus the site more on my worldwide travel. Second, since
I’m happily retired, I have the time to streamline my site’s layout.

The First Request:

In this remont, I’d like you, my audience, to let me know what you want to
see. Please send me your likes/dislikes about my site, other sites I should
scrounge for ideas, and hints from your own html forays:
wayan [at] bellybuttonwindow [dot] com. I’ve already
started to play with a few ideas sent my way recently, but I’m still open to suggestions.

The Second Request:

I’m also changing the name of my site. The “Russian Experience”
part isn’t too applicable if I’m writing about other countries! An afternoon
of beach and Baltika yielded “Wandering Wayan’s Website.” I like the use
of my name in the title (hey, it is my website after all!), though it starts
with the fourth to last letter in the alphabet (important for those alpha
sorted link lists) and it doesn’t have “travel,” or “vacation,”(two of the
more searched words on the internet, so I am up for suggestions:
wayan [at] bellybuttonwindow [dot] com.

The Fabulous Prizes:

To get ya’ll interested in helping me, I’ll send one
(1) CD
of your choice from Moscow’s very own
Fili Park, to the five best recommendations/reviews
(ridiculously grandiose compliments don’t count but are appreciated) and
five (5) CD’s of your choice if you can
think of a better title. That’s right, you could win five funky fresh
& free CD’s of music, computer software, or Sega games just for emailing
me: wayan [at] bellybuttonwindow [dot] com

The Catch:

Woops! This contest was over Monday, August 2, 1999 and you will not see
the results until October.