A Subaka Says What?

A exploration of the differences in Russian and America animal sounds

Man's best friend!
Having a chat with Margo
Saturday, as Lidia and I were driving to her
dacha, I stuck my head out her
window and started barking at a dog (subaka) in the car beside us. As your
intelligent, verbally oriented guy, I spoke good dog, but apparently, Russia
dogs speak a different language than American ones! When I said “wolf, wolf”
in my best German Shepherd voice, the French Poodle just looked at me. With
Lidia laughing to hard to drive, the other car left me to wonder what happened.

After a long conversation with her when she finally calmed down, and with
advice from Lidia’s family (and especially her niece), I’ve made a comprehensive
English/Russian animal sound dictionary below:



Dog Wolf Wolf Gowf Gowf
Cat Meow Meow
Goose Wonk Wonk Ga Ga
Chciken Bok Bok Kut Kuda
Rooster Cock-a-doodle-do Ku-Ka-re-Ku
Horse Nehhhhhh Eegoogoo
Cow Moooo Moooo
Goat Maaa Maaa
Sheep Baaa Baaa
Frog Ribbit Ribbit Kva Kva
Pig Oink Oink Hura Hura
Crow Ka Ka Karl Karl
Turkey Gobble Gobble Buldie Buldie
Pigon Koo Koo Chick Chick

As you can see, there is a bit of a difference in the way Russian and American
animals speak. Thinking back a bit, I’m not so surprised now. I remember
when I lived with Dima, I had to learn Russian commands for Margo before I taught her to be bilingual.