Announcing the ICT4D Jobs and Career Forum

Do you want an international development job in information and communication technology? An exciting career where you travel the world using ICT to improve peoples lives? Or to find the perfect ICTD colleague or employee to help you do that?
Then join the ICT4D Career Network to get career tips, employment ideas, and job offers in ICT4Dev.


Personalized Career Support
To connect with thought leaders and experts working in ICT4D, join the network, introduce yourself, and start asking questions. The Network is a global support community via moderated emails to help you understand the international development and foreign assistance employment landscape.
This is much more than a simple jobs board. The forum will help:

  1. Job seekers start and succeed at an ICT4D job search
  2. Mid-career professionals explore options to improve an existing ICT4D career
  3. Employers and recruiters find and hire quality ICT staff and colleagues

This advice and support comes from leaders in ICT4D and will help you find new and amazing ICT4D jobs, and most importantly – start and grow your ICT4Dev career.
Job Announcements
We scour the Internets to find the best ICT jobs in international development and as a subscriber, you’ll get these job ads as we find them. If you are a recruiter, join to advertise your jobs to the best ICT candidates.
Personalized Support
We are here to answer your questions around starting or growing your ICT career. Join to ask experts for help and receive detailed feedback on how to improve job searches, expand employment options, and advance careers. The personal advice is anonymized and shared with the wider network so we can all gain from the collective employment expertise.
General Advice
We also share general job search and career advancement tips that can help you plan for a career change or achieve a promotion. Join to get this unique advice on the ICT4D industry.
Your Investment
The ICT4D Career Network is a pay service – $5 a month. This is a pittance when participation should reduce your job search efforts and helps you gain a promotion or a raise. Yet by paying you show that you are serious about your ICT4D career and we are serious in helping you.
Join Now
Once you complete the payment process, you should receive a confirmation request email. Please confirm your membership and be sure to whitelist the email address. You are paying for it after all.

Where to Find Wayan in September (hint: everywhere)

Today I have the honor of announcing a flurry of conferences and events I will be participating in this month. Please join me for all those that are pertinent to your focus area:

So far, October is not looking as busy with one exception: Fail Faire DC – a celebration of failure I’m organizing and you should be attending on October 13th.


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What are the best ICT4D Books, Journals, Blogs, and Websites?

Recently my friend Sabahat asked a very intriguing question about information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D) that I could not answer quickly:


Hello Wayan – I am interested in the ways that technology can enhance dev work but I’m not a techno geek. What books and/or journals would you recommend to someone like me so I don’t sound like an idiot when talking with the tech folks on an ICT4D project?

I’m not a complete moron when it comes to tech stuff. It’s just that up to this point, I’ve been more of a consumer than “producer” of technology.

For someone who professes to be an expert in ICT, I was a bit taken back that I couldn’t reel off a dozen resources quickly. As a blogger more than a book reader, the best I could do was point to, Educational Technology Debate, and the ICT4D RSS Feed I use to find content for both sites.
What I am missing are ICTD books and journals, and other blogs and websites. So please, do me a favor, list your favorites in the comments below. Especially books and journals, which are a big blind spot for me. I will compile everyone’s entries into a shared master list.
Thanks in advance.


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