RTFail Manifesto: Use New Retweets, We Unfollow You!

At the end of November, Twitter came out with a new retweet feature that supposedly solved a number of problems with the usage of retweets (RT) on Twitter

It is our stated option that the new RT is service degradation. So we hereby issue the #RTFail Manifesto:

RTFAIL Manifesto If you use new RT function, you are on my unfollow shortlist. I wanna see your face and added value in tweet

That’s right – if we follow you, and you use the auto RT function 3 times (you will be warned) then you’re unfollowed. Love ya, but no exceptions. The new RT’s are Twitter spam, and until they are fixed, they shall be scorned in streams and in apps (looking at you Tweetie2).
For those that agree – join us in the #RTFail Manifesto in these simple ways:

We are the Twitter RT’ers and we demand annotated RT’s

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