Grant Circle Vehicular Tree Slaughter

many ways to say no
What death looks like close up

Recently I came across a crime scene in Grant Circle, and I am saddened and angered by its result – a needless death. One of the young trees was cut down in its prime by yet another speeding driver who drove through, instead of around, Grant Circle.

This vehicular tree slaughter took the life of a promising sapling. It also took any innocence that a person, or child, could be the next victim of a careless driver in Petworth.

Where are reflectors, rumble strips, speed humps, or at least working park lights – to slow drivers down and alert them that Grant Circle is ahead? Do we really need to graduate from vehicular tree slaughter to vehicular manslaughter before we get slowing on New Hampshire Avenue?

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A Whole New Technology Salon Experience

I am proud to announce that the Technology Salon is now officially sponsored by the United Nations Foundation’s Technology Partnership with the Vodafone Foundation. In April of 2008, I started the Technology Salon as a forum where technology and development professionals could share there opinions on emerging trends in information and communication technologies and international […]

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Spring Clean: A New Back Yard

after my yard
Out with the weeds!

It took three truck-bending trips, but I just removed six thousand (6,000!) pounds of concrete from the back yard of my house. This was just the beginning of the rebirth of my lawn from post-industrial wasteland into a green oasis of beauty and serenity.

I did not start out to move so much concrete. At first, I just wanted to take out the sidewalk along my fence line, and replace it with a meandering path between a flower bed paralleling the fence, and through a yard of lush green grass. But with any household improvement, sh*t happened.

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Hanalei Speaks Her First Words!

Listen to me already!

Its with great joy and surprise that I’m proud to announce that Hanalei Stockard Vota is now talking. Yes, she is speaking at 3 months old – a record for any of our families. While she’s not quite saying whole sentences, if you listen to her on this video, you can tell she’s making sense.

As her father, I’m so proud that she’s talking, its kinda hard for me to admit that I don’t always agree with what she says.

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