A Bi-Coastal BBQ Lifestyle

inveneo's goal
See that Iridium flare?

Now that I live in Washington, DC and work for Inveneo, based in San Francisco, CA, I am living a bi-coastal lifestyle. I spend an average of a week every month or so in the Inveneo offices, living at the “Inveneo Hotel” – the home of Mark and Kristin, Inveneo’s co-founders.

Before you cringe at the thought of working all day in the same room as your boss and then spending the evenings with him or her too, I have to say that Inveneo isn’t your standard company.

First, we’re a social enterprise, which means we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, yet we’re run like a business. We’re out there selling product and hustling for business like any other company. At the same time, we have a strong social mission that permeates everything we do.

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An Announcement from Amy and Wayan

There is a Ziggy on the way! Conceived after our second wedding, Ziggy the zygote is now 13 weeks old.

That means Amy is just starting to show and we’re both just beginning to freak out. Ziggy will one day soon be an actual child – it already has little arms and legs, and sucks it thumb. One day soon, we’ll be actual parents, and of something way more intense than a
Taxi, too.

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June Technology Salon: OLPC in the Field

Rabi Karmacharya
Rabi Karmacharya

There is much talk about One Laptop Per Child, Nicholas Negroponte idea of a “$100 laptop” empowering education in the developing world. Yet the focus tends to be on the XO laptop itself, not the overall impact of the program on both technology and education.

For the next Technology Salon on June 3 at 5:30pm, we’ll move pass the headlines and into the field with two special guests:

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