The World Wide Headache

2003 > America

I’m not as good with HTML as you are lead to believe

lost in Alabama
It’s all under construction…

DC traffic
…and backed up for miles.

The Web is so much fun, and since I’ve been writing on it since 1997, which is ancient history in Web-time, I’ve kinda grown up with it in my life. Interestingly, since I write a website and I’ve worked for an Internet company, many folks, and even my folks, think I’m an expert at it. That and I live and breathe Web work.

Well I’m here to set the record straight. I’m pretty clueless past a few tricks, which while looking cool, ain’t much. And I detest Web work more than any other. So much so that while I know I keep talking about it, one year after I decided to upgrade the Belly Button Window to a new and improved platform, it all still where it was. In fact, it’s actually taken me back a step too.

See I did get this new program for it to run on called Movable Type, and spent $100 stripping out my photos and text from the old coding and inserting them into the new coding. The software runs great, but requires a whole slew of customization that I’ve been either too busy or to confused to do. By letting it lie there, I’ve also slipped a year behind dual posting of my journal entries, so now its way out of date too.

Now I did take advantage of a cool email newsletter program on the new host I have for the new site. I took my old newsletter emails, deleted all the bad emails and those who didn’t wanna hear from me anymore, and then added in a year’s worth of new emails I’ve collected. Emails from friends, co-workers, and travelers that I’d meet and wanted to keep in touch with but seeming forgot to make a copy of.

That little mistake came back to haunt me today when I went to add a new email. It seems that this cool email program crashed and took all my emails with it. Not only that, but neither my new host nor the email program writer will do anything in the way of support for the program. That means that all those email address and all that work are long gone.

So if you wanna get back on my new, improved and now continuously backed-up list, let me know.