How I Saved a Marriage on a Frankfurt FRA Jetway

A thin gold band of love

So there I was, a Business Class flyer fighting the Economy Pax scrum to get on my FRA – IAD flight (where is the business/first separate entrance, LH?) and I’ve succeeded in getting through the boarding gate when I notice my shoelace came undone in the scuffle.

Kneeling down to tie it, I see this golden ring on the jetway floor. Being married myself, I instantly recognized it as a wedding ring and realized that soon there would be a heart attack on a flight with a loud: OH MY GOD! WHERE IS MY RING!!

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Ugandan Engagement and Wedding Ring Traditions

Vicky on wedding rings

Vicky, a middle class Ugandan, is about to get engaged to her beau and I wondered if Ugandans had different traditions than Americans when it came to showing love for your spouse.

I noticed that some women had rings on different fingers and I asked Vicky to explain. Listen to her explain the Ugandan traditions for engagement parties and rings, and how they wear wedding rings after the big day.

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