Want a Social Life in Skopje? Live Alone!

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Even Macedonian geeks agree with that simple logic

going for a two-fer
The benefits of bachelorhood
In America, its odd to be living at home after you graduate from college. You better have a damn good explanation if you’re still eating Mom’s cooking if you’re old enough to drink her under the table.

Not so in many parts of the world. In many countries, and not just the religiously conservative states, children are expected to live at home until they are married. Sometimes even after that.

When talking with such people, they often cite economic reasons for still living at home. Reasons I think are bunk. I’ve gone over the math with them, and yes, the numbers prove me right – they could afford to live alone, or with housemates, if they so desired.

And that’s the crux of the issue, they don’t desire to move out. Living at home has its advantages. Food, cleaning, even clothes are all provided at great financial subsidy. Yet, there is also an unspoken social cost.

If you live at home, your social life, your dating opportunities are quite limited. Those that do have their own apartments, shared or not, are having a much better time. I’ve made this argument often, but why listen to me?

Check out this short video of a Ivan, a Macedonian geek tell it like it is:

And now ladies, what do you think of this charming, cute, and independent Macedonian bachelor?