Rollerblading at Cowbell Skate Ramp

2008 > Ghana

An African skateboard half-pipe where Rollerbladers rule

can you do that?
Going vert in Accra
is that a MacTwist?
A smooth aerial twist
cowbell skate ramp
Thanks Cowbell Milk!
I am often surprised at the odd mixes of Western and African I see on my travels. One day it’s the Togolese’s National Run to the Border Day and the next, it’s a skateboard park in Accra where Rollerbladers rule.

As it often happens, I was not looking for the Cowbell Skate Ramp when I found it. I was expecting to go from one business meeting to the next, but when you’re offered the chance to explore Ghana with a local, you always accept the ride. But when Denise pulled into the Ghana International Trade Fair, I was first somewhat disappointed. I’d been there before, and it wasn’t much. Then I saw the skate park.

If asked what a Ghanaian half-pipe would look like, I might have conjured up the wooden ramps of my youth – simple, smooth structures in the backyards of my Vero Beach childhood. The metal monster in Accra is so much more.

With several metal rails, faces, and fixtures, this half-pipe a tricked out skate ramp generously donated by Cowbell dairy, and the kids skating there were really enjoying their time. But don’t take my word for it, check out the video:

Yes, that means that the next time you’re headed to Ghana, you best bring your stick, lest you be like me, sitting on the sidelines, jealous that you can’t show this kids how we did it old skool.

Yet, at this skate park, originally designed for skateboarders, it’s the resident Rollerbladers that steal the show. Here we have “Smooth” showing us that Ghanaians can really rock out a pair of skates:

Personally, I give kudos to Cowbell for supporting a place for youth to enjoy themselves in a constructive environment. And double kudos to Smooth for running a skate park where helmets are required.