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Nine years and six hundred or so posts later, and I just passed a amazing milestone. By my calculations, the humble Belly Button Window has just past one million readers. That’s one million people who’ve read about my life, many for just a few minutes of course, but others who’ve been following my adventures for years.

Thank you.

While I don’t write this site for others really, its just to remind myself of all my adventures, and let my friends and family know what I am up to, I am always amazed that others find Belly Button Window worth reading too.

Even better, my writings on Belly Button Window have helped me get real-world jobs as well as fun gigs writing for other websites, Metroblogging DC is a great example.

To celebrate all the great accomplishments of Belly Button Window, I redesigned the site. Yes, that means I spent even more time and money developing this labor of love you read now.

With this fourth major overhaul, I’ve cleaned up the presentation, bringing it into a modern look and feel. I hope you like the new style.

I’ve also had to turn off comments on my older posts, due to the overwhelming waves of computer generated comment spam that clog up my website’s underlying systems. I forget to mention it in my Movable Type re-mastery recommendations but comment and Trackback spam is my number one complaint about Web 2.0 technologies.

Spammers were quick to figure out ways to try and trick Google and us with fake comments linking to their spam sites and Movable Type is too slow in changing its systems to be of use.

That means that if you’d like to comment on older posts, you have to email me directly and I’ll post them, old school Web 1.0 like.

Regardless of the format changes, don’t worry about the writing style changing. The Wayan Vota experience is definitely here to stay! For another million readers just like you.

4 Comments on “Over One Million Served

  1. Congrats Wayan!

    I heard you on the Washington Post radio last week talking about Metroblogging.

  2. Did you mean severed or served? Gosh, if you meant severed, I’m scared. Congrats! Like the design – looking forward to more surprises.

  3. My spelling abilities were severed from my writing skills at birth. And now Microsoft serves as my language check – not so accurately apparently.

  4. Congratulations Wayan. I didn’t know you were blogging for so long. That’s only a coupla years shorter than I’ve been on the internet. It’s great you’ve had the discipline to keep yours going for so long. Over time I’ve managed to lose so a few of mine. I’ve kept all my personal webpages in different formats: Mac/PC floppies,Zip,Jaz,MO,CDRs. One day I’m going to find a way to read them all again and see how lame my pages were.