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I am proud to announce that I will be speaking at the 2011 International Conference for the Integration of Science and Technology into Society at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology - South Korea's premier engineering university.

ICISTS-KAIST 2011 theme is "Metamorphosis: The Future of Human Society Information Era" with a focus on the interrelation of science, technology, and society in the information age. The conference will explore how:

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  • The Information Age, with it's rapid developments in information and communications technology and electronic media, is constantly changing our everyday lives.
  • The miniaturization of electronics and widespread availability of wireless networks are transforming public and private space, and further tearing down communication barriers of time and distance.
  • The proliferation of social network services is redefining human relationships and social interaction.

Yet we all know these changes are not uniformly distributed. While a select global elite may read this post on tiny gadgets as they are whisked around the globe in relative luxury, there are billions who have never seen the Internet, much less benefited from its informational cornucopia.

So as part of the overall ICISTS-KAIST 2011 theme, I will be leading a discussion around the Digital Divide - the barriers to the Information Age, their impact, and what the leaders of today and tomorrow can do to break down these barriers, instigate positive social change, and create a digitally inclusive society. The conversation will begin well before my actual talk, continue throughout the conference, and extend beyond the physical attendees into the digital realm.

I cannot do this alone. I ask you to help me in creating a learning environment for us all - participants and presenters. Please submit your suggestions, subtopics, ideas, themes, links, and articles you believe will help inform this discussion in the comments below or via the #ICISTS hashtag on Twitter.


The past decade has seen great interest in information and communication technologies applied to international development, an endeavor sometimes abbreviated ICTD. Can mobile phones be used to improve rural healthcare? How do you design user interfaces for an illiterate migrant worker? What value is wireless technology to a farmer earning a dollar a day?

In this panel, four prominent thinkers active in ICTD debate the potential for electronic technologies to contribute to the socio-economic development of the world's impoverished communities.

  1. Eric Brewer is a UC Berkeley professor who develops wireless technologies to connect rural communities.
  2. Megan Smith is vice president of new business development at Google and managing director of
  3. Kentaro Toyama is co-founder of Microsoft Research India, and a computer scientist turned technology skeptic.
  4. Wayan Vota is a senior director at Inveneo, a non-profit that works to provide information technology to underserved communities of the developing world.

Digital Divide or Digital Bridge: Can Information Technology Alleviate Poverty?
Wednesday, April 6, 2011, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
School of Information
University of California, Berkeley
102 South Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-4600


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