It Is That Time of Year Again!

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I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go!

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Alice is here to help

Now that Labor Day has past, the heat is gone, and the kids are back in school it can mean only two things: the summer is over and I need to get a job.

Yes, it’s a shock but has to happen, and it shall, with your help. I’m trying to get back into nonprofits, my (grass) roots, if you will, as I originally worked in the nonprofit world when I first moved to DC, and now my skills are so much bigger, better, bolder, and more beautiful.

Skills, which should benefit a greater good than quarterly earnings targets and be applied in nonprofits, where accountability and compassion matters and the digital divide is a bad thing. I yearn for the clarity in vision that working as a program manager for an international nonprofit, based in DC, can provide and I am counting on you to help me in this endeavor.

If you know anyone, who knows anyone, in the Washington DC nonprofit, NGO, or USAID world, please let them and me know, as its not an easy time to be looking for a job and I’m not the most traditional candidate, to say the least.

I am doing my part in this endeavor, changing my voicemail from the creative to the corporate, spending hours searching the web for jobs, writing unique cover letters and resumes for the ones I find, and even temping while I look for work just to get my face in front of those hiring.

Now, with unemployment running out in early November, I’m starting to sweat, as if I don’t get a job by Thanksgiving, I’ll be screwed as no one hires between Turkey Day and Xmas. So wish me luck and better yet, pass on a lead!