Finally, I’m back!

What ya’ll have been waiting for, the new me!

What I was doing instead of working on the website
Too much party-time!

Oh, I went to a few bars too
The band at my night job.

I know the silence has been deafening for ya’ll, and many thanks to all
those who have written asking if I was still alive, especially an avid
reader asking if she needed to call her Marine Guard son at the US Embassy
in Beijing to go looking for me. It’s amazing to find out so many people
follow my life so closely. Wait, more like a little scary!

Well anyway, thanks for tuning in. I’ve been working hard, ok hardly
working, at getting my website up and running in a whole new format. Yes,
I am aware that all my September postings disappeared from my old website
( Matrix, in its infinite wisdom, switched
their host computer without telling anyone and I am currently trying to
get ’em to restore my work. They say it wasn’t lost, that all is fine, but
even Ray Charles can see that I’m missing data. Nuladna, I’ll fix it in

What I wanted to do this week was introduce an amazing new web-travel
experience. I wanted to bring out the baby I’ve been working on for the
past three months in a massive and exciting opening. That was until I
started my final testing of the site this past weekend after spending all
last week uploading my new site. Unfortunately, with my site’s new
location, a hundred or so links don’t work.

See, on my laptop and on my matrix site, I am able to link ‘WATER.HTM’
using <a href=’water.htm’> computer code. It wasn’t until
I started final testing that I found out different cases will not work on
my new site. So like every version of Microsoft software, I’m gonna offer
a bug-filled product on you, the computing public, and like our Big
Brother Bill, I’ll be uploading patches over the next week or so to fix as
many bugs as I can find. Please bear with me and don’t start flooding my
inbox with glitch reports until I announce my new site is 100% gold.

With that quasi-introduction, I’d like to introduce the newest member
of the World Wide Web:

Wayan Vota’s BELLY BUTTON WINDOW Website

The fresh new look of the life and times of an American wandering
across the big blue ball we all call home.

Using the Russian Experience as a backbone, I’ve divided the site into
my weekly photojournal, random experiences, people, and links. And before
I hear a peep about how slim my China sections are, do bear in mind I’ve
only been here a month, spending most of my time just trying to get
aquatinted with the most populous country on the planet.

Also, note that the email has changed. I’m now in full effect with my
own domain name, so I get to be anyone I want. With the naming originality
ya’ll are used to, my new email is wayan [at] bellybuttonwindow [dot] com. Please use it
frequently to let me know if I’m heading in the right direction or off the
deep end.