Dolphins Never Wipe-Out

1997 > America

Wow, do I miss the ocean!

In 1994, on one of my many surf trips, I went to Costa Rica with seven of my friends from school during our spring break.
Rivermouth near Jaco Joji
(to the right) broke his board this beautiful day. I (taking the picture)
came close.

Yogi-san & Joji, my two friends from Japan, were the most prepared. They had candy to bribe the kids to open gates for us, and a treasured supply of toilet paper.

One day while surfing, a wild dolphin slid into the line-up and started surfing with us. We would ride waves to the beach together, but she was much better than I, never falling of the wave or missing a turn. She would jump out of the water to look for me after I rode a wave too close to the shore, wanting to play more before we caught the next wave together. Playing with that wild dolphin, enjoying each other’s company through a common love for the ocean’s fun, was the most spiritual event in my life.

These days, living far away from a tropical beach, I don’t surf much, but I do remember.