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OLPC Learning Club - Washington, DC is a local group of XO laptop enthusiasts committed to co-learning, hacking, and expanding the One laptop Per Child computational experience. http://www.olpclearningclub.org
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  1. OLPC Learning Club - DC - Scratch Day DC 2013 at Gallaudet University
    Sent May 15th 2013

    Scratch Day DC 2013 will be hosted by Gallaudet University in collaboration with Uplift, Inc. and Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Public Charter School. What: Scratch Day DC 2013 for Everyone! When: Saturday, May 18, 2013, 10 am to 5pm Where: Gallaudet Un...

  2. OLPC Learning Club - DC April Meeting: Deployment Stories from Senegal and Zambia
    Sent April 8th 2013

    Our first meeting in some time will focus on OLPC deployments in Africa. Saturday, April 13, 2013, 10am-1pm, Room 208 Arlington Career Center 816 South Walter Reed Drive Arlington, VA 22204 First, Open International founder Khady Lusby, will talk about...

  3. OLPC Learning Club - DC Next Club Meeting at DIY Fair, DC Library
    Sent November 12th 2012

    With the recent OLPC Community Summit in San Francisco and news that my project developing digital literacy lessons in Etoys for street children in Zambia won a grant from USAID, I’ve arranged to have a club meeting as part of a display...

  4. OLPC Learning Club - DC Scratch Day 2012, Arlington, VA: That Cat’s A Superhero!
    Sent May 15th 2012

    We've gotten RSVPs from friends old and new for this Saturday's Scratch Day in Arlington, VA. It's going to be a fun event locally that's part of an epic global day of celebration that will see our superhero orange cat dancing across thousands of computer...

  5. OLPC Learning Club - DC - First meeting of 2012: Updates on Sugar, XO-1.75 and XO 3.0
    Sent January 17th 2012

    We are back at Gallaudet University this Saturday to discuss the recent exciting announcements from OLPC on the XO 3.0 tablet and XO-1.75 laptop. Jeff Elkner will also demo Sugar running on Trisquel GNU/Linux 5.0. We will do some planning on our agenda fo...

  6. OLPC Learning Club - DC - Reminder on tomorrow's OLPC Learning Club meeting
    Sent October 14th 2011

    This is just a quick reminder that we are meeting at the Arlington Career Center tomorrow from 10am - 1pm. Draft agenda and directions are on the blog: http://olpclearningclub.org/meetings/next-meeting-saturday-1015-10am-at-acc/ Becky Young will also gi...

  7. OLPC Learning Club - DC - No meeting this month; Next meeting Sat., 10/15, 10am at ACC
    Sent September 12th 2011

    Hi, As some of you know, we decided to take the summer off. Normally there would be a meeting this Saturday, but I have to speak at Mobile UX Camp in DC. Then on Sunday, my family and I are doing a day trip to Maker Faire in Queens, NY. There will be an ...

  8. OLPC Learning Club - DC - Scratch Day 2011, Arlington Career Center, Virginia
    Sent May 15th 2011

    Scratch Day 2011 Saturday May 21, 2011, 1-4pm Arlington Career Center 816 South Walter Reed Drive Arlington, VA 22204 Our third annual Scratch Day will arrive this Saturday afternoon at the Arlington Career Center in Virginia. We’re rep...

  9. OLPC Learning Club - DC - No formal meeting for April; Scratch Day 2011 next month!
    Sent April 15th 2011

    With speaking engagements and family travel for the rest of the Saturdays this month, I've decided not to have a formal user group meeting. Spring fever too! If anyone wants to have an informal meeting on a weeknight, I'm available the evening of Thursday...

  10. OLPC Learning Club - DC - March meeting: Sharing our favorite Sugar activities
    Sent March 14th 2011

    A quick chat with Walter Bender last week reminded me we should do a meeting where we all share and discuss our favorite Sugar activities. There are so many hidden gems in the Sugar Activities web site and no end to tips and tricks for the universal favor...

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