I’m in the Blogging Big Leagues Now!

Over the last year or so, an initiative has slowly formed to change education in the developing world. Based around the idea that children need to “learn learning” and computers are the best tool to do this, One Laptop Per Child has developed a cheap (in price, not technology or manufacture) laptop and proposes that developing world governments buy these computers for internal distribution.

So I started a website about it all, One Laptop Per Child News, with the main goals of staying educated on OLPC and to enter into the debate about its merits. OLPC News was also the next step in my blogging career, running my own collaborative blog, experimenting with different management and promotional techniques along the way.

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Over One Million Served

Nine years and six hundred or so posts later, and I just passed a amazing milestone. By my calculations, the humble Belly Button Window has just past one million readers. That’s one million people who’ve read about my life, many for just a few minutes of course, but others who’ve been following my adventures for years.

Thank you.

While I don’t write this site for others really, its just to remind myself of all my adventures, and let my friends and family know what I am up to, I am always amazed that others find Belly Button Window worth reading too.

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31st Annual Marine Corps Marathon

It was a beautiful morning for a run, cool, clear, crisp, to the joy of the 21,000 runners awaiting the starting gun at the 31st Annual Marine Corps Marathon.

As they waited to cross the start line, a few thousand held up by a race-day heart attack, I bid them well. I was not in the pack, I was not at the start, I was in bed, sound asleep. Remember that I am an Olympic distance triathlete, not a marathoner.

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Movable Type Re-Mastery Recommendations

Yesterday I went to the Six Apart conference on business blogging, and while I didn’t learn anything new – I am a blogging expert of sorts – I did learn new and more efficient ways to promote blogging.

So while the conference wasn’t worth the $150 for the content, though I did enjoy the complimentary quality liquor open bar, I did have an amazing amount of face time with Marissa Levinson to bitch about Moveable Type, Six Apart’s flagship product.

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Congratulations Jingmei!

Congratulations, Jingmei! Yes congrats. I know that sometimes strikes people as odd, that I would be happy for your wedding, but I am. Very happy. Why shouldn’t I be? It’s not like I dislike you, or even have any ill will.

We tried, we really did. We tried so damn hard, over so long, over such great distances – of space and culture. We tried and we did not succeed. We also didn’t fail.

Failure would be not learning, not accepting, not moving, on. I don’t see us as failure. I see us as life.

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My Couch Surfing Cousin

This is my cousin, Jose Manuel, or as I call him, “the Hottest man in Juarez” after we went bar hopping South of the Border a while back.
Now he’s no longer bar hopping, he’s couch-surfing with me. Arriving recently for the start of his first year at GW Law he’s looking to find shared accommodation convenient to the law school at 21st and H Streets.

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Its All About the Bike

A year ago, I was excited, I was happy, I was victorious. It was moments after the 2005 New York City Olympic Triathlon, and I crossed the finish line 2:30:51 after I started and I was screaming with joy.

Not only was I a finisher, I was faster than I ever imagined, and I came in several minutes in front of my most dogged competitor, my cousin George. He beat me in the swim but then I took him on the bike and the run.

Fast forward a year and oh how times have changed.

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Piñata Party Performance

Here, after gorging on Tom’s grilling and Tiff’s amazing guacamole, we are about to duel to the death. We are doing our best piñata Jedi to beat a helpless burro open. Only then will treats rain down on us from its candy-filled belly.

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Am I a Transit Foamer?

Why would I, a techno-savvy world traveler already scribbling for this site, Geekcorps, and Metroblogging DC, want to write for a transit-focused website written by a self-proclaimed “team of dedicated transit nerds”?

Maybe because I love me some trains – worldwide!

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A LAX Layover Done Right

Not about to have the same four hours of boredom and sobriety, on my way back through LAX and facing a five hour layover this time, I decided to go for it, to make a run to Venice Beach and soak up a few ocean side drinks. I also took exacting notes to record the experience, in case anyone else has a long hour layover at LAX and wants to make out with hotties instead.

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